The Six Most Malevolent Zodiac Signs, According to Astrologers

The worst zodiac signs can break your heart and spirit. Knowing these risk signals will help you avoid them.

Certain signals only cause harm when triggered. Others are always harmful.

Scorpio tops the most-to-least evil list. You can see why this sign has a terrible reputation from its scorpion symbol.


Most say Capricorn is malevolent by nature. These folks aren't cruel unless provoked. Unless you intentionally cross Capricorn, they don't show their worst.


Devilish Taurus. This sign appreciates kindness and romance but may be cruel and spiteful. Venus rules this earth sign, yet insecurity and envy bring out their worst.


Gemini is one of the friendliest zodiac signs. However, Geminis are mischievous and sly. Pranksters like Geminis sometimes take a joke too far.


Aries is evil. Though protective and devoted, they are malevolent. People born under this sign can bully and dominate.


Emotionally disconnected Aquariuses. Rebellious and frightening air signs ruled by unpredictable Uranus appear malevolent.


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