The Popularity of Each of the 6 Zodiac Signs

Wondering where you or your friends stand in celestial society? We ranked each sign's popularity and loveability based on the stars. 

All 6 zodiac signs have something unique, distinctive, and amazing to offer, regardless of rank. No sign is “worth more” or “better” since they are inherently sociable, kind, and open.

Leo is a very giving and amiable sign. It follows that the gorgeous lion has earned the first rank on this list without any surprise! Leo,


Sagittarius people enjoy being outside and active. The lively archer is always on the go, always looking for their next adventure, making them the unofficial rock star of the zodiac. 


Pisces, who are renowned for their sensitivity and empathy, are always ready to lend a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to weep on.


They want the spotlight wherever they can. Aries are forthright and independent, thus they have many friends and acquaintances.


Geminis are restless and prefer to be mobile. Geminis are always among friends, whether in person or via group text, because to their strong social instincts.


Libra, represented by the scales, wants everyone to like them. This air sign readily pulls people with its laid-back, fun, and comfortable interactions.


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