The five zodiac signs are as follows: dates, symbols, facts, and personality traits.

From Aries to Pisces, the zodiac wheel has 12 signs. A sky sphere (or “zodiac wheel”) with twelve pieces displays this modality. 

 Each part represents a zodiac sign the sun, moon, and planets pass through. The zodiacal belt is 8 degrees north or south of the ecliptic.

It's just a broad explanation. Tropical or sidereal astrology and House system can considerably affect the zodiacal presentation. 

Cardinal, manly fire sign Aries. Mars rules it and the First House of “the self.” Aries starts the zodiac and year as a cardinal sign. Original leader!


Venus rules Taurus, a fixed, feminine earth sign connected with the Second House of money and value. Taurus is a stable, earthy sign with stamina.


Gemini is restless and fickle. Gemini's masculinity shows its mutability. A funny comment, flippant hand gesture, and overbooked schedule are common. Mercury rules Gemini, thus it likes to learn from others.


Cancer has cardinal talents due to its feminine essence and gut-wrenching insight. Cancer, the leader, may intuitively act and decide but also avoid responsibility. Watery Cancer is all-in or all-out.


Leo's natural environment is the spotlight. Leo is bold and audacious, yet its warmth is fixed. Leo is stubborn but passionate.


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