Is There a Perfect Zodiac Sign? The Best 5 Signals Ranked

Sorry, but it's an impossible question. Because everyone has diverse perspectives on what makes a sign best, no sign is objectively the best.

I'll list my top signals from best to worst and explain how I did it for fun. I'll consider each sign's pros and cons.

Sorry if your sign didn't rank high on this list. Remember that opinions vary, and many would place your sun sign first!

First, many readers may go side-eyed. Capricorn? Cap rarely tops such lists. However, my natal chart makes me prefer Capricorn energy. The bright qualities that made me rank Capricorn so high:


Cancerians, ruled by the moon, are comforting with their gentle care and great embraces. Cancer is very loving and wants to make others happy. They are tender and faithful to their loved ones, making their relationships safe and secure.


We all seek balance in this chaotic environment. Our world is off-kilter and out-of-balance, and we're all experiencing it more now. Libra is ideal for finding harmony in the Zodiac. 


Sagittarius' vast intelligence and adventurous passion give life to humanity. They're self-centered and don't care what others think. They absorb lots of information and love to explore their minds and the world. 


Venus rules Taurus and Libra. They love beauty and are aesthetes. They work hard and enjoy achievement. Their humility and determination make them great industry leaders.


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