5 of the Most Malevolent Zodiac Signs, Says Astrology

Astrology tells us that each sign has a unique outlook on life and set of traits. Some zodiac signs are gentle and can't kill a fly. 

 When irritated, some of the most dangerous zodiac signs lose patience and damage themselves or others. 

Astrology may reveal your zodiac sign partner, best career, and 5 most dangerous zodiac signs. 

Earth-ruled Capricorns wear Saturn on their heads. Life's harsh lessons make them the most dangerous star sign and instill criminal behavior in them. 


Hotheaded Leos. Due to their anger and psychological issues, they struggle to choose serenity over terror. Their temperament is agitated. You should expect consequences if you damage a lion.


Scorpios can feel upset if someone steals their spotlight. They are ambitious and career-oriented, thus they are jealous of others who stand in their way. 


No one is more serious about wealth than a Sagittarius. They steal from others to survive. Their harshness and fury can flare over minor issues. Patient is not their forte. It takes little to enrage them. 


Aquarius is the most hazardous zodiac sign while being polite. Their ruthlessness and manipulation make them ideal for most gruesome crimes. Aquarians commit most hacking and blackmailing.


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