Fish oils improve lung function in asthma patients

PARIS, FRANCE. Asthma involves an inflammation of the airway (pharynx, larynx and lungs). Epidemiological studies have shown that populations with a high intake of fish oils have a lower incidence of inflammatory... Read more »

Oily fish protects against childhood asthma

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. Researchers at the University of Sydney report that the regular consumption of oily fish is associated with a much reduced risk of developing asthma in childhood. Their study involved 574... Read more »

Fish oils help asthma patients

LARAMIE, WYOMING. Asthma is an increasingly common affliction in the Western world. It is estimated that between 20 and 25 per cent of all children suffer from one or more symptoms of... Read more »

Fish oil benefits children with bronchial asthma

TOKYO, JAPAN. It is now clear that inflammation of the airways is an important factor in asthma. Thus, it would make sense that supplementation with a natural anti-inflammatory could benefit children with... Read more »

Diet rich in fish may help prevent childhood asthma

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. Childhood asthma is now a major health problem in Australia with 31% of West Australian children having been diagnosed with the condition. Chronic inflammation of the airways is also a... Read more »