Fish oils benefit angina patients and increase exercise tolerance

Fish Oils Benefited Patients More than Olive Oil Supplementation ATHENS GREECE. A team of British and Greek medical researchers report that fish oils benefit angina patients. Their study involved 39 patients (37... Read more »

Fish oils help prevent cardiac arrest

Fish, Fish Oils and Cardiac Arrest SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. Cardiac arrest is a serious, usually fatal condition in which the heart stops pumping. Cardiac arrest most commonly occurs in connection with ventricular fibrillation... Read more »

Fish oils protect against arrhythmias

Taking Fish Oils May Benefit Heart Attack Patients AALBORG, DENMARK. Research has shown that heart attack survivors who increase their intake of oily fish considerably improve their chance of long-term survival. Now... Read more »

Fish oils protect against after-effects of heart attacks

Benefits of Fish Oil in Patients Who Have Suffered a Heart Attack MORADABAD, INDIA. A group of Indian and Iranian medical researchers sought to examine whether there were benefits of fish oil... Read more »

Fish consumption protects against fatal heart attacks

Fish and Heart Attack Death CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. Researchers at the Northwestern University Medical School have just released the results of a 30-year study which shows that eating fish regularly protects against the... Read more »

Eating fish prevents death of heart attack patients

Fish Contains Fatty Acids, DHA and EPA AALBORG, DENMARK. A low degree of heart rate variability (HRV) is a very strong predictor of sudden death among survivors of a heart attack (myocardial... Read more »

Fish oils and heart attack intensity

Is There a Relationship Between Fish Oils and Heart Attack Severity? OSLO, NORWAY. There is now substantial evidence that fish and fish oil consumption protects against sudden death from coronary heart disease.... Read more »

Fish oils protect against death from heart disease

Taking Fish Oils Lowered Heart Attack Survivors’ Risk of Having Subsequent Heart Attacks SANTA MARIA IMBARO, ITALY. There is clear evidence that a diet rich in oily fish confers considerable protection against... Read more »

Fish oils help prevent sudden cardiac death

Fish Oil Capsules vs Olive Oil Capsules AALBORG, DENMARK. Sudden cardiac death (SCD) is now the most common cause of death in the Western world. SCD is often caused by ventricular arrhythmias... Read more »

Fish oils prevent heart attacks

Mercury, Fish Oil and Heart Attacks KUOPIO, FINLAND. Finnish researchers provide additional evidence of the protective effects of fish oils. Their recently completed study involved 1871 Finnish men aged 42 to 60... Read more »