Fish oil supplementation does not increase bleeding tendency

OSLO, NORWAY. A group of Norwegian medical researchers reports that fish oil supplementation does not increase the bleeding tendency in heart disease patients receiving aspirin or warfarin. The study involved 511 patients... Read more »

Fish prevents stroke

Fish, Fish Oil and Stroke Risk in Men BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS. Several studies have shown that regular fish consumption helps protect against stroke. It is not clear, however, whether fish consumption protects against... Read more »

Fish oils prevent stroke in women

Women With Adequate Daily Fish Oil Intake Had Lower Stroke Risk BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS. A 1995 study concluded that men who ate fish five or more times per week had a 40 per... Read more »

Fish oils help prevent stroke and heart attacks

Atherosclerosis, Stroke and Heart Attack SOUTHAMPTON, UNITED KINGDOM. Atherosclerosis increases the risk of stroke and heart attack because part of the atherosclerotic buildup (plaque) on the inner wall of arteries may dislodge... Read more »