About OilOfPisces

Until September of 2012, this site was maintained and edited by Hans Larsen, a Professional Engineer who holds a masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. He developed a lifelong interest in biochemistry and nutrition through his early studies with Professor Henrik Dam, the Nobel Prize-winning discoverer of vitamin K. Later he honed his abstracting skills by abstracting for Chemical Abstracts, the world’s largest abstracting service.

After a rewarding career in research and management in the oil and petrochemicals industry Hans retired and in 1992 began publishing International Health News, a newsletter providing authoritative summaries of the latest reseach in health, nutrition and medicine. In his regular reviews of hundreds of medical journals he became fascinated by the rapidly growing evidence of the many health benefits of fatty fish consumption and fish oil supplementation. Hans began focusing on this area and in 2000 launched his website oilofpisces.com in order to share the rapidly growing volume of information concerning fish oils. oilofpisces.com is now one of the top fish oil sites on the internet. Hans and his wife Judi reside in Victoria, British Columbia and faithfully supplement with fish oil every day.